Neo-Pagan Culture

Neo-Pagan culture is a subset of a broader Pagan culture. Pagans are diverse in every way. There are Pagans of every gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and political persuasion. Do to the LGBT-friendly nature of Paganism, there is a higher percentage of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered Pagans than the mainstream culture.

There are Pagans who are doctors, lawyers, accountants, and engineers. Other Pagans have less traditional professions. Some express their Pagan values through their choice of career, working for environmental, humanitarian, or social justice causes, for example. Others express their Paganism more privately, through sustainable living and responsible eating.

There are Democratic Pagans, Republican Pagans, Libertarian Pagans, and Green Pagans. Most Pagans do tend to lean toward the liberal side of the political spectrum though. Many participate in some form of liberal social activism.

Some Pagans lead very traditional or conventional lives outwardly. There are Pagan soccer moms and soccer dads who live in houses with white picket fences. But many Pagans participate in one or more alternative subcultures. Examples include (in no particular order) Hippies, New Age, LGBT/Queer, Polyamory, BDSM, Nudism/Naturism, Otherkin, Goth, Renfaire/SCA, Steampunk, role-playing gaming, Trekkies and other science fiction/fantasy fandom. There are Pagans who participate in other religious communities, especially Unitarian Universalism.

You probably already know a Pagan. Chances are they seem as normal as you on the outside, and are just as weird as you on the inside.

Revised 8/17/14


One thought on “Neo-Pagan Culture

  1. “humanitarian, or social justices causes, for example.”
    I think “justice” can drop the s

    There are also Pagans who are socially liberal, and at the same time, conservative towards anything governmental. Which might beg the questions: are the NeoCons and the Chaoticians actually Anarchists?

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