Are you a Neo-Pagan, too?

tumblr_lv4udv234C1qapv62o1_500Neo-Paganism is about being here and now. Neo-Paganism is the moment when you are the most alive and most aware of the world around you. Neo-Paganism is the moment that sweeps you away into spontaneous ceremony and celebration of the life within and all around you. Neo-Paganism is the place where you feel the most at home, the place where you connect to the natural living world in deep and intimate ways. A Neo-Pagan someone who sees the sacred everywhere they go. A Neo-Pagan takes breath as sacrament. A Neo-Pagan is someone who feels with their whole being. A Neo-Pagan can be anybody at any time.

Many people come to Neo-Paganism after leaving the religion they were raised in. Different Neo-Pagan groups may have different requirements for membership, like a probationary period of study, but there is no formal process of conversion to Neo-Paganism generally, and many Neo-Pagans never join any group. Anyone can call themselves Neo-Pagan (which is one of the reasons it is so difficult to define). Most Neo-Pagans come to identify as such through a process of individual spiritual exploration.

Many of us experience our coming to Neo-Paganism as a feeling of “coming home”, by which we mean that Neo-Pagan is an expression of a religious identify for which we previously had no name. For whatever reason, we feel drawn away from the religions of our birth. We feel drawn to the woods, the mountains, or the seashore. We feel a sense of the divine in nature, whether in the earth itself, in the changing of the seasons, or in our own bodies. We are moved by fairy tales, stories from folklore, and ancient pagan myths and art. When we meet other like-minded people, we discover that we are not alone and we realize that we are Neo-Pagans too.

Credits: The introductory text of this page was revised from a post by Glen Gordon on his (now inactive) Post-Paganism blog.

Updated 7/16/14


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