Neo-Pagan and Neo-Pagan-inclusive Groups

Neo-Paganism is a very decentralized movement.  However, there are several Neo-Pagan and Neo-Pagan-inclusive organizations and groups which you can check out:

PaGaian Cosmology (an Earth-based religious practice of seasonal ritual based in a contemporary scientific sense of the cosmos and female imagery for the sacred, founded by Glenys Livingstone around 2005). See Witchvox article on PaGaian Cosmology.

Church of All Worlds (CAW) (the first Neo-Pagan church in the US, based on Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land, founded by Oberon Zell and Morning Glory in 1968). See “The Neo-Pagan Legacy” by Oberon Zell.

Feraferia (a wilderness mystery Goddess religion, founded by Frederick Adams in 1967, successor organization to the Hesperian Fellowship founded in 1956)

Another Feraferia website

Toteg Tribe (shamanic earth-centered spirituality, founded by Joseph “Bearwalker” Wilson, successor organization to TOTEG founded in 1976-77) (Toteg Tribe)

Mountain Shadows Clan (Toteg Tribe)

Witchvox article on the Toteg Tribe

EarthSpirit Community (founded by Andras Corban Arthen)

Gaia’s Womb (founded by Angie Buchanan)

Reclaiming (heterodox feminist Witchcraft combining Goddess spirituality with political activism, founded by Starkawk and Diane Baker in 1979). See Witchvox article on Reclaiming.

Temple of the Goddess (founded in 2001, a federally recognized earth-based religion emphasizing the recognition of the feminine as a missing link in humanity’s evolution)

Gaia Group — now defunct (founded by Roger and Crystal Tier in 1977) (founded by B. T. Newberg in 2011 as an online community for Humanistic and Naturalistic Pagans seeking to integrate ritual and meditative practices with a mythic worldview based on the most current and compelling scientific evidence)

Naturalistic Paganism Yahoo Group (founded by Jon Cleland Host in 2005 for people who hold a naturalistic/scientific perspective (pantheists/atheists) but enjoy rituals, pagan metaphors and non-escapist spirituality)

SolSeed Movement (founded 2010, based on Octavia Butler‘s fictional religion Earthseed).

SolSeed Wiki

“Becoming Earthseed: A Survival Guide for the Human Race” and “SolSeed: Helping Life Thrive, On Earth And Beyond” (dedicated to the creation of an Earthseed community, based on Octavia Butler‘s fictional Earthseed religion)

The Book of the Living (Earthseed scripture)

Neo-Druidic Organizations:

Order of Bards Ovates and Druids (OBOD) (founded by Ross Nichols in 1964). See Witchvox article on OBOD.

Reformed Druids of Gaia (2006 offshoot of Reformed Druids of North America, which was founded in 1963)

Order of Mithril Star — described as melding of the Church of all Worlds and RDNA (1996 offshoot of Reformed Druids of North America)

Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF)  (“Our Own Druidry”) (founded by Isaac Bonewits in 1983, offshoot of Reformed Druids of North America, which was founded in 1963). See Witchvox article on ADF.

Henge of Keltria (founded in 1987)

Ehoah (offshoot of RDNA)

Goddess Spirituality Organizations:

Sisterhood of Avalon (Celtic Women’s Mysteries, founded in 1995)

Fellowship of Isis (multi-tradition organization devoted to promoting awareness of the Goddess, founded by Olivia Robertson in 1976)

Reformed Congregation of the Goddess (multi-tradition women’s organization promoting the worship of female divinity)

Eclectic and Heterodox Wiccan Organizations:

New Reformed Order of the Golden Dawn (NROOGD) (founded in 1967 by Aidan Kelly, Glen Turner, and others)

Aquarian Tabernacle Church (founded in 1979)

Assembly of the Sacred Wheel (a syncretic Wiccan tradition, founded in 1984). See Witchvox article about Assembly of the Sacred Wheel.

Church of Universal Eclectic Wicca. See Witchvox article about Church of Universal Eclectic Wicca.

Covenant of the Goddess (Wiccan umbrella organization, founded in 1975)

Circle Sanctuary (founded by Selena Fox in 1974, maintains a sanctuary in Wisconsin, hosts events in Illinois)

Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS) (chartered 1987)

Gaia Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation — Kansas City, MO (founded 1997)

Unitarian Earth Spirit Network — UK (founded in 1990)

The Pagan Federation — U.K. (umbrella Pagan organization, founded in 1971)

Pagan Pride Project (founded in 1997, hosts Pagan Pride events in over 50 cities)

List of Pagan Festivals


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Updated 7/16/14


3 thoughts on “Neo-Pagan and Neo-Pagan-inclusive Groups

  1. The Naturalistic Pagan group was not founded by Host. He was an early member but it was founded by a woman named Jennifer whose last name escapes me at the moment and Terry Mitchell. Jennifer and Terry are easily looked up as the first two members of the group and you can see they are the first posters of the group of you join and look back at messages. Jennifer allowed theists and other non Naturalists into the group so Terry who was a co admin protested. Her claim was that they only had 5-6 members at that point and needed to bring their numbers up, after a few months of dealing with chat about ghosts and spirits and such things as that, Mr Mitchell resigned and left the group. He returned briefly a few months later and was told that if he left again, he would not be allowed to return again. Jennifer left soon after and gave her admin duties to Jon Cleland Host. If he is claiming to be the creator of the group, he is not understanding what founder means.

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