The Four Elements: Water

In Neo-Pagan practice, the “element” of water is associated with the west, autumn, feeling, emotion, and blood.

Sister Water, ever flowing,
ocean, river, pond and rain.
Drink we now and quench our thirsting;
cleanse us, we begin again.
Mist and ice, a host of changes:
all that courage will allow.
Rain upon us, fresh cool water,
West we ask you: be here now.

— “Mother Earth, Beloved Garden” by Amanda Udis-Kessler

Water my womb, my blood,
Wash over us, cool us.
Waves sweep ashore on white wings,
The rush, hiss, the rumble of stones
As the tide recedes,
That rhythm, my pulse,
Flood, gushing fountain,
We pour ourselves out,
Sweep us away!
By the waters of Her living womb,
Powers of the West, send forth your flow.

— “Invocations from the Summer Solstice” by Starhawk

Swift One, Spirit of Water
Your children invite you here
Come on the waves of the sunset
Bring to us joy and good cheer
You are the well of deep comfort
You are the crashing waves’ height
Swift One, Spirit of Water,
Keep us sure through our rite!

— “Quarter Calling” by Isaac Bonewits

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Updated 3/5/15


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