The Four Elements: Fire

In Neo-Pagan practice, the “element” of fire is associated with the south, summer, inspiration, creativity, intuition, and spirit.

Brother Fire, great transformer,
share the passion of the sun.
In our hearths, your warmth revives us,
cooks our food & heats our homes.
Flaming candle blood within us,
blazing desert, will to grow.
Warmth and wildness, flash of being,
South we ask you: be here now.

— “Mother Earth, Beloved Garden” by Amanda Udis-Kessler

Fire my heart, burn bright!
My spirit is a flame,
My eye misses nothing.
A blaze leaps from nerve to nerve
Spark of the solar fire!
An answering heat rises, unbearable delight!
The flames sing, consume us!
By the fire that is Her spirit,
Powers of the South, send forth your flame.

— “Invocations from the Summer Solstice” by Starhawk

Fierce one, Spirit of Fire
Your children invite you here
Come with your blazing noon passion
Banish all sorrow and fear
You are the flickering candle
You are the bonfire bright
Fierce one, Spirit of Fire
Keep us brave through our rite!

— “Quarter Calling” by Isaac Bonewits

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Updated 3/5/15


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