The Four Elements: Earth

In Neo-Pagan practice, the “element” of earth is associated with the north, winter, sensation, body, bones, and flesh.

Mother Earth, beloved garden,
living treasure under foot.
All our days you ground our being,
sage and thistle, grass and root.
Herbs to heal us, plants to feed us,
land to till and tend and plow.
Cold and darkness, deep as midnight,
North we ask you: be here now.

— “Mother Earth, Beloved Garden” by Amanda Udis-Kessler

Earth my bone, my body,
Mountain my breast
Green grass and leafy tree
My trailing hair,
Rich dark dust, oozing mud
Seed sending white root deep,
Carpet of molding leaves,
Be our bed!
By the earth that is Her body,
Powers of the North send forth your strength.

— “Invocations from the Summer Solstice” by Starhawk

Hooved One, Spirit of Earth
Your children invite you here
Come from the mountains of midnight
With new strength and vigor appear
You are the field of our pleasure
Your are the source of our might
Hooved One, Spirit of Earth
Keep us strong through our rite!

— “Quarter Calling” by Isaac Bonewits

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Updated 3/5/15


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