The Four Elements: Air

tumblr_m6rgwzZisc1qcl3afo1_500In Neo-Pagan practice, the “element” of air is associated with the east, spring, intellect, mind, and breath.

Father Air your inspiration
holds together all that lives.
As we breathe, our minds see clearly,
leading us to love and give.
Raging whirlwind, whispered breezes,
violent gale and gentle cloud.
Breathe of freshness, bright as morning,
East we ask you: be here now.

— “Mother Earth, Beloved Garden” by Amanda Udis-Kessler

Air, my breath, breeze of morning,
Stallion of the dawn star,
Whirlwind, bearing all that soars in flight,
Bee and bird,
Sweet fragrance,
Wailing storm’s voice,
Carry us!
By the air that is Her breath,
Powers of the East send forth your light.

— “Invocations from the Summer Solstice” by Starhawk

Winged One, Spirit of Air
Your children invite you here
Come on the winds of the sunrise
Give us your vision so clear
You are the gentle Spring breezes
You are the glory of flight
Winged One, Spirit of Air
Keep us wise through our rite!

— “Quarter Calling” by Isaac Bonewits

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Updated 3/5/15


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