The Center

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In Neo-Pagan practice, the center of the circle, where the four directions intersect is considered a special place. Some Neo-Pagans associate the center with a fifth element, a quintessence or Spirit. Some Neo-Pagans also add a vertical dimension by invoking the directions up and down in the center of the circle. This creates an axis mundi which connects sky and underground. This may be visualized as a tree with its branches reaching into the sky and its roots reaching underground. The vertical directions may have other associations, like spirit and soul or light and dark.

Lover Spirit, intuition
in the center of our souls.
In your love we find relation.
All connected, we are whole.
Timeless mystery, quiet conscience,
deepest values, voice inside.
Shine your light from deep within us,
this we ask you: be our guide.

— “Mother Earth, Beloved Garden” by Amanda Udis-Kessler

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