What do Neo-Pagans believe about God?

Egyptian Pharaoh worshiping the solar deity Aten

Egyptian Pharaoh worshiping the solar deity Aten

Neo-Pagan beliefs about divinity vary widely.  In general, Neo-Pagan beliefs about divinity differ from those of monotheists, like Christians, Jews, and Muslims.  Most Neo-Pagans are not monotheists.  They are polytheists, henotheists, pantheists, panentheists, duotheists, animists, and monists.

Neo-Pagan theology has four principal characteristics:

  1. Neo-Paganism is pantheistic in that it views divinity as immanent and the material world as a theophany, a manifestation of divinity. Neo-Pagans see the earth, the body, and sexuality as sacred.
  2. Neo-Paganism is polytheistic in that it recognizes a plurality of deities or aspects of Deity.
  3. Neo-Paganism honors the divine feminine; it recognizes that divinity manifests itself as masculine and feminine, while also transcending gender.
  4. Neo-Paganism sees divinity as changing or evolving, as part of a process that is itself divine, sometimes symbolized by a spiral dance.

Read about more Neo-Pagan beliefs here.


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