What do Neo-Pagans believe about God?


Neo-Pagan theology has four principal characteristics: Neo-Paganism is pantheistic; it views divinity as immanent and the material world as a theophany, a manifestation of divinity. Neo-Pagans see the earth, the body, and sexuality as sacred. Neo-Paganism is polytheistic in that it recognizes a plurality of deities or aspects of Deity. Neo-Pagans honor the divine feminine; they recognize that divinity manifests itself as masculine and feminine, while also transcending gender. Neo-Pagans see divinity as changing or evolving, as part of a process that is itself divine, sometimes symbolized by a circle or a spiral.

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2 thoughts on “What do Neo-Pagans believe about God?

  1. Perhaps it should be mentioned that Neo-Paganism is amenable to naturalistic perspectives. Or perhaps that’s implicit here.

  2. Is “pantheism” the correct term? Pantheism equates the empirical material/energy cosmos with “divinity”, such that the empirical material/energy cosmos is the ultimate foundation of reality and “God”, “Goddess”, and similar terms are simply religious terms applied to that cosmos. On the other hand, the term “panentheism” refers to the “divine” both as immanent within (or manifesting as) the empirical material/energy cosmos and as transcendent of (or different from) that same cosmos.

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