What do Neo-Pagans Believe?


For Neo-Pagans, the meaning of life is not to be found in another world or a hypothetical future existence. Neo-Pagans perceive a “deeper” (as opposed to a “higher”) power, which is present in nature, in our own selves, and in the process of our lives. We seek to live in accordance with this deeper, sacred dimension. Neo-Pagans understand alienation or existential “rootlessness” in our own psyches and in our culture as the inheritance of modern humankind. We see this manifest in social injustice, patriarchalism, personal neurosis, and environmental desecration. We seek to cure this alienation by reconnecting with the sacred dimension of nature and our own selves. Neo-Pagans hold these things to be sacred: all life, the earth, nature, our selves, our bodies.

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