Are Neo-Pagans Wiccan?


Wicca is closely related to Neo-Paganism, and the histories of the two movements overlap. However, the two are also distinguishable. Wicca is an initiatory mystery religion which blends esoteric ritual forms with pagan mythology and witchcraft folklore. When British Traditional Wicca was imported to the United States, it came into contact with the Counterculture, feminism, the environmental movement, Neo-Jungian psychology, and the mythology of Robert Graves, and was transformed by that contact into a distinct movement. Neo-Paganism is distinguishable from British Traditional Wicca in that it is: (1) eclectic, rather than traditional, (2) open, rather than initiatory, (3) more celebratory than esoteric, and (4) distinctly environmentalist/ecological.

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2 thoughts on “Are Neo-Pagans Wiccan?

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